Economic Development of Chandler

Councilmember Jeff Weninger discusses economic development and how it is vitally important to the City of Chandler.  It is what keeps us from being just a bedroom community and helps provide the quality of life that we all enjoy.

Quality Neighborhoods

Councilmember Jeff Weninger discusses quality neighborhoods.  Jeff feels that it is imperative that all of our neighborhoods are sustainable throughout the city of Chandler.  Jeff also discusses the Commercial Reinvestment Program, which helps improve the quality of the commercial real estate within your neighborhood.

Fiscal Responsibility

Councilmember Jeff Weninger discusses fiscal responsibility.  During these tough economic times, Jeff is being pro-active in looking for ways to save the taxpayers money. Jeff will continue to be a watchdog for your taxpayer dollars.

Communication – A Key To Success

Councilmember Jeff Weninger discusses communicating with the citizens of Chandler.  Jeff employs many avenues to keep in touch with local citizens and listen to their concerns and suggestions.  Jeff uses video to keep you up to date on what is going on at the council meetings and he wants to hear from you via phone, email, Twitter or Facebook.  Get in touch with Jeff today and let him know your ideas and hopes for our great city.